13N EXPRESS ICSP Board for FY16 DOC/DOG Cadets (SUSP: 15 Oct 2014)

Good Afternon Det 075,

1. Air Force Global Strike Command and the Air Staff are looking to increase the number of high-quality accessions into the 13N community. To meet their request AFROTC/RR is preparing to conduct an In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) board for cadets who will commit to the 13N Air Force Specialty Code. This ARMS supplements AFROTCI 36-2011, paragraphs 3.16. and 3.19. The scholarships will be activated in the fall 2014 term. The scholarship will be a type 2 ($18K per year) and will be up to 2 years in length.

2. The goal is to attract our highest quality cadets into the 13N career field. To do this, we will be offering 2-year (junior and senior year) express scholarships to approximately 20 cadets. These students will receive a guaranteed classification the start of their AS300 fall semester/junior year. Additionally, as an added incentive, these scholarship students will receive the highest priority from AFPC to come on EAD within 30 days after commissioning.

3. FOR THIS YEAR ONLY: AFROTC will issue (20) 2-year 13N scholarships for FY16 DOC/DOG cadets. The board for FY16 commissionees will open on 15 September 2014 and close 15 October 2014. If the detachment and cadet can complete activation criteria below and the cadet is fully qualified, the scholarship will be activated in fall 2014 term. Cadets currently on scholarship can compete. NOTE: These cadets will require an amendment to the contract to activate the scholarship.

4. Criteria for nomination:

a. Any major (Tech or Non-Tech).

b. Minimum CGPA: 3.0.

c. Minimum SAT-E: 1100 (this is a change from ARMS 14-103).

d. Must have an EA in the appropriate FY (cadets with a rated EA can compete).

e. Nominated cadets “must” commission in FY16 (no waivers authorized for DOC/DOG changes).

f. To be nominated, cadets must have finished field training in the top or middle third ranking. Cadets finishing field training the bottom third may not be nominated.

h. To be nominated, cadets must be in the top or middle third ranking of the same year group (cadets who will commission in the same FY).

i. AFROTC will develop an alternate list. Cadets who fail to qualify for 13N requirements will lose their scholarships and an alternate will be picked from the list.

j. Cadets who lose their 13N scholarship “MAY” face an investigation for disenrollment depending on the needs of the Air Force and availability of EAs.

5. Criteria for activation:

a. Must successfully complete PRP Pre-screening.

b. Must also meet all standard scholarship activation requirements, except mandatory or desired academic major.

c. Waivers are granted for Foreign Language and STEM requirements per AFROTCI 36-2011, para 3.8.3 and 3.8.4.


Interested FY16 grads should contact TSgt Logan or SSgt Krill in order to apply.



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