2014 POC Selection Process Results

Det 075,

By now you have heard about the very tough POC enrollment allocation (EA) results we got this week.  Even though we knew that allocations would drop this year, I don’t think we expected just how much they did drop and in all categories.  AFROTC has not seen this type of reduction in a very long time, and it reflects the magnitude of the force reductions the Air Force is going through right now.  Across AFROTC there were 2,650 PSP nominations and 1,590 were selected (a 60% selection rate).  Some individual groups saw very large drops from last year, in particular:


– Technical majors:  selection dropped from 95% in 2013 to 65% this year

– Nurses: selection dropped from 98% in 2013 to 44% this year

– Non-technical majors: selection dropped from 88% overall in 2013, to 17.3% this year for non-rated and 60.4% for rated intent


What this means across AFROTC, and especially here at Det 075, is that we had some very, very high quality cadets who did receive not EAs.  I spoke to all of them and it is not easy telling quality cadets that they will not have the opportunity to become an AF officer simply because we are in the middle of a drawdown.  In past years, nearly every one of our non-selects would have made it to FT, but we have to deal with the situation as it is now, not as it was before.


For all the cadets who were not selected:  As you ponder your choices for next year, know that this detachment greatly values the time and effort that you put into being an FTP cadet here.  We also value you as individuals and wish you only the best as you make those decisions about your future.  You each had aspirations to serve, and you committed your time and energy to pursuing that opportunity, earning our respect and admiration.  If you still desire military service, consider all options available to you to inside or outside of AFROTC or another service program, or OTS or even enlistment, if you so choose.  Whatever your choice, I encourage you to stay focused right now on your undergraduate degree program while you assess your personal and professional priorities.  The bottom-line is that you still have choices and a bright future ahead of you if you apply yourselves and stay true to your core values.


For our AS100 cadets coming back, we have seen the future this week and it is filled with higher requirements and greater competition than ever.  Across AFROTC, the “averages” for the cadets going to Field Training this summer were 3.384 CGPA, 1287 SAT-equivalent and 96.83 PFA.  Finish this semester strong and come back in the fall ready to work even harder than ever.


For our POC cadets, be available and supporting of our cadets dealing with this disappointment.  Timing and circumstance have dealt them a setback, but now is when Wingmanship and mentorship matter more than ever.  At the end of the day, we all have to keep things in perspective and find the opportunities in adversity.


Make sure your study hard for finals and take care of yourselves and each other.




Col Grimes


Darryle J. Grimes, Col, USAF

Professor of Aerospace Studies and

Commander, AFROTC Detachment 075

San Diego State University

619 594 1123 office

619 594 5545 front desk


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