2016 STO PDT

If you are interested in the Special Tactics Officer career field, see below. The 24th Special Operations Wing is hosting an orientation course this summer from 29 July to 7 Aug 2015. Contact Capt Kim or SSgt Krill if you are interested in applying and we will send you more specifics. You must turn in your application to us we will the administer the PAST by 4 May.

The Special Tactics Orientation Course (STOC) is a 12-day program at Hurlburt Field for select AFROTC cadets that are considering STO as a career choice. STOC will be offered 29 July – 7 Aug 2015. This program is hosted and funded by the 24th Special Operations Wing in coordination with Air Force Special Operations Command and the 1st Special Operations Wing. The STOC has no bearing on the STO application process or selection boards, but will help identify likely future applicants. Each week will include mission briefs, interviews with leadership, physical training, equipment demonstrations and field training events.
– AFROTC/DO will determine eligibility. This is a competitive process, and not every cadet that applies will be invited to attend the STOC. To be eligible, cadets must.
— Be a male.
— Have completed Field Training prior to attendance.
— Be in good standing with AFROTC and college academic programs.
— Complete USAF Combat Control Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST) successfully.
— PAST may be administered by AFROTC Detachment leader, a Special Tactics operator, or a qualified AFRS recruiter. The administrator must be familiar with PAST procedures.
— Refer to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zdKD0VMKWg&feature=plcp&context=C3f31946UDOEgsToPDskJY7F3h01Zie0ZF9Il5EPl1 for specific administration.
—PAST guidance and instructions will be included in this message in written form.
— Be at least 18 months from projected commissioning date at the time of PDT attendance.
— Be able to fully participate in physically challenging events.
— Have no known disqualifying medical conditions*.
— STO candidates are required to obtain an Initial Flying Class III Special Warfare Initial Clearance(SWIC). Cadets are not required to complete this physical to attend the PDT, however, cadets with known medical conditions that would prevent them from gaining flying status at a later date should not apply.

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