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Medical Service Corps


For those who are interested in medical support that is not doctor, nurse, etc. the Medical Service Corp Application is open to you. A few jobs include Hospital administrator, Physical Therapist, etc.

SUSP to complete the application is COB May 01

The application is very long so express interest ASAP so cadre can track that you are interested as well as do not wait till the last minute to finish your application.

MSC Interest Sheet

MSC Application Info


CSU Trustees Scholarship Award for Outstanding Achievement

The award recognizes students who have overcome adversity, demonstrated financial need, and have attributes of merit including superior academic performance, significant personal achievements, and exemplary community service.

Cadet Suspense: COB 11 Mar 2020

Award Fact Sheet Checklist

Award Summary

Award Interest Sheet


2020 Cadet Research Award

The 2020 Cadet Research Award is open to a cadet, or cadet team, that demonstrates noteworthy achievements furthering USAF research in a science or technology area. Please fill out the interest sheet as well as the “description of research”.

Cadet Suspense: COB 1 Mar 2020

Research Award Interest Sheet


Dental School Armed Forced Health Professions Scholarship Program

Please see the attachment(s) regarding ARMS-AFROTC-20-022-PGM-CY 2020 Dental School Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (AFHPSP) Application Announcement. Even though the SUSP is 14 Feb 20, Contact Cadre ASAP if you are interested.


Project GO

Project GO (Global Officers) provides scholarships to ROTC students in three services for critical languages study domestically and abroad.

•Receiving a fully funded scholarship for critical language study
•Improving language proficiency
•Qualifying for language proficiency bonus pay
•Opening pathways to new career opportunities that require language and area studies
•Earning university credits and fulfill language requirements

Project GO 2019 Applications are now open!

Overseas Deadline: January 18, 2020
Domestic Deadline: February 17, 2020

Project GO Flyer: Click Here

Learn more about the languages and programs of study at https://www.rotcprojectgo.org