FY15 Rated Categorization Board (Susp: 20 Dec 13)

The rated categorization board is scheduled for 6-7 Feb 14. Cadets can only compete for a rated slot. The selection processes for this board is outlined in AFROTCI 36-2011, Chapter 9, and the board will be held to select/identify:

  • FY15 Pilot candidates
  • FY15 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) candidates
  • FY15 Combat Systems Officers (CSO) candidates
  • FY15 Air Battle Management (ABM) candidates

The Rated Categorization Board will select applicants for FY15 Pilot, CSO, ABM, and RPA allocations. Contracted POC cadets and cadets in pursuing status, from any academic major, scheduled for commissioning between 1 Oct 14 and 30 Sep 15 may apply for rated categorization (if qualified). The sequence of these boards will be Pilot, RPA, CSO and ABM.

  • The Order of Merit (OM) scores will be calculated using the weighting factors. The factors are the same except that in the place of PCSM, CSO applicants will use AFOQT-Nav, and ABM applicants will use AFOQT-ABM.
  • This year, cadets will be able to rank-order their rated choices. For example, a cadet may want to be CSO more than RPA. 

In the meantime, cadets can be considering their order preferences.

Cadets will be volunteering for RATED DUTY and may be selected for any rated position for which they are qualified. Obviously, we cannot select someone for Pilot who is not PPQ (Potentially Pilot Qualified) with respect to medical criteria. On the other hand, cadets cannot say  “I volunteer for pilot, but not RPA or CSO or ABM.” Additionally, cadets who are PPQ should annotate whether they are volunteers for ENJJPT (Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training).

  • Cadets who decline an awarded rated slot will no longer be eligible for ANY rated slot  in AFROTC and will be re-categorized by AFPC. They might be able to compete for an active duty (AD) rated slot after the minimum time in the non-rated AFSC, subject to the AD board requirements.

Pilot and RPA applicants must take the TBAS and receive a Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) score. The TBAS and total flight hours must be received by AETC on or before 1 Jan 14 to ensure a valid PCSM score is available by board cut-off date. Flying hours flown after 1 Jan 14 will not be counted. IAW HQ AETC/SAS requirements, the Detachment Commander will certify actual flying hours (first pilot, not passenger hours) by reviewing the cadet’s flight log. PCSM scores and procedures for updating flying hours can be obtained at http://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/index.html.

NOTE, in order to be eligible for:
Pilot – you must have submitted your intent letter to TSgt Logan, identify your preference and take the TBAS
Nav/CSO – you must have submitted your intent letter to TSgt Logan, identify your preference and take the TBAS
ABM – Submit your intent letter

Contact TSgt Logan if you have any questions

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