If you are interested in attending the Combat Rescue Officer and Air Liaison Officer Shadow & Orientation Week (CROSHOW)(ALOSHOW) on 17-20 June 2015, please see below:

Air Combat Command will sponsor one 4-day combined CROSHOW/ALOSHOW event to be hosted by the 23d Wing and the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing at Moody AFB GA. The dates are: 17-20 June 2015. The shadow and orientation week will consist of 2 days with the CROs/PJs followed by 2 days with the ALOs/TACP.

Eligibility: To be eligible, cadets must:
— Be male for CROSHOW participation.
— Both males and females are eligible to apply for ALOSHOW participation.
— Have completed AFROTC Field Training prior to attendance.
— Be in good standing with AFROTC and college academic programs.
— Successfully complete USAF Combat Rescue Officer Fitness Test IAW CRO Assessment Program guidelines (http://www.acc.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-140730-051.pdf). The Fitness Test may be administered by:
— Det cadre or a qualified AFRS recruiter who is familiar with CRO Fitness Test procedures.
— Operators: CRO, STO, Pararescue (PJ), and Combat Controllers (CCT) and Special Operation Weather Team (SOWT).
— Refer to the CRO Assessment Program for specific admin procedures.
— Be able to fully participate in physically challenging events.
— Have no known disqualifying medical conditions.

– Application Procedures: Each det may nominate qualified cadets who meet the highest standards expected by the AFROTC. Only the best and brightest cadets should apply. The PDF scanned application must be submitted to CRO.Selection@us.af.mil NLT 21 April 2015. The application must be emailed from Det cadre. The application must include:
— Completed application cover sheet. It must be clearly printed or typed.
— One-page memo written by the cadet on why he should be invited to attend.
– Selection Notification: Cadets selected to attend CROSHOW/ALOSHOW will be notified through their chain of command NLT 1 May 2015. This notification will include procedures for creating orders, a packing list, and specific reporting instructions.

If you are interested, notify Capt Kim & TSgt Logan immediately, we will send you the application details which must be completed by 20 Apr.

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