AFIT AAD (Advanced Academic Degree)

Cadets and Airmen Education Commissioning Program (AECP) students projected to graduate and commission between 1 Apr 16 and 30 Sep 16 and hold Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) 17D, 61C, 61D or 62E are encouraged to review this letter and if interested, apply per the instructions below.

Applications and supporting documents must be received by the Office of Admissions and the Registrar (AFIT/ENER) at the Graduate School of Engineering and Management NLT 19 January 2016. Only AFSCs and academic programs listed below will be considered.

Academic SpecialtyCode (ASC) AFSC AFIT/EN Programs Quotas #
8HYY 61D Physics 3
0CFY 62E Computer Science – SoftwareEngineering 1
4AYY 62E Aeronautical Engineering 4
4BYY 62E Aerospace Engineering 4
4EYY 62E Astronautical Engineering 4
4IYY 62E Electrical Engineering – General 10
4MFY 62E Mechanical Engineering –Materials Engineering 1
4MLY 62E Material Science/Engineering –Electronic Materials: 1
4QYY 62E Nuclear Engineering 7
4TFY 62E Systems Engineering – HumanFactors 1
4TYY 62E Systems Engineering – HumanFactors 2
4WYY 62E Computer Engineering 3
0CBY 17D Computer Systems (Elec Comp) 1
0CYC 17D Cyber Operations 2
0CYY 17D Computer Science 2

AFIT/EN resident program and the CIP applicants should have undergraduate majors supportive of the programs being requested, and have 3.0 or higher overall, math, and major GPAs on a 4.0 scale, and acceptable GRE scores (153 verbal and 148 quantitative). Cadets, and AECP students, must have maintained a 3.0 GPA for their last two semesters/three quarters of course work. Waivers may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants, for any AFIT/EN program, may request up to three programs of study by specific 4-digit ASC designation on their application form.

Those applying for CIP ASC may apply for other ASCs offered, however their academic background needs to relate to those programs.

a. Cadets and AECP students interested in competing for the AAP programs taught by the Graduate School of Engineering and Management will apply online at
1) Click on “Apply Online”, then “Admissions Form.” When the form opens, the
Applicants complete the application and please indicate “AAP Applicant” in the comment section of the application. Then hit the “Submit” button.
2) An acknowledgment email is sent to the applicant and an Admission Counselor from the Graduate School of Engineering and Management will contact the applicant within four working days. The additional documents required for academic reviews are addressed below. Applicants may apply anytime and provide the remaining required documents by the suspense date listed above or sooner.

Required documents:
1) Official transcripts are required from each school attended. Ensure they include fall semester/quarter 2015 grades. If official transcripts are not available from the current institution per the suspense of 19 January 2016, then the applicant will submit unofficial grade reports so that AFIT/ENER may begin the review process.
However, official transcripts will be required to complete the review process, thus
send them as soon as possible.
2) A list of courses that are needed, or a plan to take needed courses to complete the program of study. Alternatively, if the official transcript submitted indicates the final semester coursework, then a list of courses is not required. If submitting a list of courses, prepare it in the format of a memorandum and forward to the AFIT/ENER Admissions Office with the other documents.
3) A GRE test score report (a copy or scan of a score report is acceptable) is needed. If the applicant has taken the GRE, but the official GRE score report is not available by the 19 January 2016, then submit a statement in the format of a memorandum self-reporting your GRE verbal and quantitative scores and indicate that you will submit an official score report copy as soon as it becomes available. Send the memorandum to the AFIT/ENER Admissions Office along with other documents. The GRE AFIT/ENER School Code is 1827. This is a funded exam for the AECP Students.
4) Applicants must acknowledge understanding in writing and agree to the active duty service commitment associated with this program (AFI 36-2107). It is suggested that this acknowledgement be prepared in the format of a memorandum and forwarded to the AFIT/ENER Admissions Office with other documents. The suggested statement is;
“I hereby apply for Acquisition Accession into AFIT/EN to pursue a master’s degree. I understand that if accepted, I will incur an active duty service commitment (ADSC) of 3 years following completion of the AFIT program, in addition to my EAD commitment of 4 years (for ROTC cadets) which will run concurrently. I further understand that selection for this program is contingent upon my commissioning.”

Applications for residence AFIT/EN programs are not considered complete until the applicant submits their application and the documents specified above are received. The address to send all documents is AFIT/ENER ATTN: Admissions Office, 2950 Hobson Way, WPAFB, OH 45433-7765.

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