Captain Paul Kim

CaptPaulKimCaptain Paul Kim is assigned as the Operations Flight Commander at Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Detachment 075, San Diego State University. He recruits, trains, mentors, and evaluates highly-qualified young men and women as prospective Air Force officers. Captain Kim also provides academic instruction on Air Force leadership, doctrine, and communication skills with an emphasis on professionalism and physical fitness.

Captain Kim entered the Air Force in 2010, receiving his commission from the United States Air Force Academy. His primary Air Force Specialty is Developmental Engineer. Prior to this assignment he was a Project Engineer at Hanscom AFB, MA. Captain Kim was initially assigned on the Joint Air Defense Systems Integrator (JADSI) Program, working with the US Army, Navy, and Marines to manage the development and maintenance of new capabilities to the Tactical Data Link System. He was then reassigned to the Air Force Personnel and Pay System (AFIPPS), where he was in charge of setting up and maintaining IT assets required to manage the development of the $1.5B Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, as well as work with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and various Air Force Offices to plan the integration of enterprise services and infrastructure utilization.

2010 Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering, United States Air Force Academy, CO
2010 Air & Space Basic Course, Maxwell AFB, AL

1. July 2010 – August 2012, Project Engineer, Gateways Branch, Space, Aerial & Nuclear Networks Division, Hanscom AFB, MA
2. August 2012 – June 2014, Project Engineer, Air Force Personnel and Pay System, Business Enterprise Systems Directorate, Hanscom AFB, MA
3. July 2014 – Present, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, AFROTC Detachment 075, San Diego State University

Air Force Commendation Medal

Second Lieutenant 26 May 2010
First Lieutenant 26 May 2012
Captain 26 May 2014

(Current as of July 2014)