This guide is how cadets can get a masters through AFIT (or in some cases through private universities) immediately following commissioning through an educational delay.

Those cadets interested will need to track their program deadlines and make sure the cadre know how/when we need to support.

AFIT AAD Selection Guide

Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) Phase I Application

For AS300s!

If you are interested in becoming a Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) and joining the Spec Ops community, please read the attached ARMS plan. There is an upcoming deadline of January, so take notice of the timeline, deadlines, and application requirements.

Direct your questions to Cadet Morales (Phase Zero President / Future STO).


CRO Plan

Commander’s Action Line

The Cadet Commander’s Action Line has been added to the website under “resources”. Please utilize this resource if you have any concerns or complaints about the detachment or ROTC!

Cadet Commander’s Action Line

Gold Bar Recruiter Program Nominations

Please see the attachment regarding ARMS-AFROTC-19-020 2019 Gold Bar Recruiter Program Nominations


POC: Capt Reid Shintaku/334-953-2091/

**Please refer questions pertaining to the ARMS to the POC listed. All ARMS Messages and attachments are located at the Holm Center Portal> Intranet> ROTC> ARMS Messages**

Gold Bar ARMS

Gold Bar Nomination Requirements

Application Form Example