What constitutes a civil involvement?

Any offense, violation of law or ordinance, or any other incident causing adverse involvement or contact with civil, military, or school authorities as an adult or juvenile is an involvement for AFROTC purposes and must be reported. This includes violations of school honor code; prior-service UCMJ/Article 15 actions; and administrative discharge, demotion, or letters of reprimand while in government or military service.



When must I report a Civil involvement?

All civil involvements must be reported to the detachment within 72 hours after the initial involvement occurs. For involvements that occur during school break periods of more than 72 hours, the individual may wait to report the involvement NLT 72 hours after their return to classes following the break. NOTE: The disposition information must be updated within 72 hours of final disposition.


Bottom line: Report ALL Civil Involvements when they occur/ASAP, regardless of the severity and/or disposition.


If you have any question/s, ask the Cadre.


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