(Contract Cadets) Are You Reviewing Your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)?

With the proliferation of identity theft and fraudulent transactions, you should always be vigilant when it comes to monitoring your personal finances.  A key step in ensuring your pay is accurate and no one has gained unauthorized access to your pay account is to actively review your LES.  Air Force military members should verify the accuracy of their allowances, entitlements, and financial institution account numbers.  All members should review for errors in leave balances.  If you find any discrepancies, immediately contact your local Financial Services Office.  While normally you should see no discrepancies, errors by members (inaccurately filling out forms) and by payroll personnel do happen.

You have a responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of your pay.  Taking charge of your finances and reviewing your LES regularly allows you to identify problems early and take corrective action before it has a negative impact on your credit score or results in a large debt.  No one should care more about your pay than you!

//SIGNED//                                                                                           //SIGNED//
Marilyn M. Thomas                                                                           Robert E. Corsi, Jr.
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary                                          Asst DCS, Manpower, Personnel and Services
(Financial Management & Comptroller)

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