Discontinuance of Foreign Language Skill Proficiency

1. FL SPB Program will be discontinued effective 31 July 2015. HQ AFROTC will pay for fall 2014, spring 2015 and any summer course or immersion that is completed NLT 31 July 2015. While cadets may still participate in summer courses, terms abroad, Project GO or any other immersion programs, they will NOT be paid FL SBP if their particular program ends after 31 July 2015. For example, cadets participating in the Arabic Intermediate I Project GO program from 20 May – 24 July 2015 will be paid FL SPB. Cadets participating in the Arabic Beginner 1 Project GO program from 7 June – 1 August 2015 will NOT be paid FL SPB. 

2. Payment for the academic year 1 August 2014-31 July 2015 must be verified and entered into WINGS for payment NLT 15 August 2015.

3. Question and or concerns should be directed towards Det 075 Cadre.



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