Field Training Dates

FTP Cadets, below are the field training dates and FAQs.

MAX         DATES
Max 1       21 May – 13 Jun
Max 2       4 – 27 Jun
Max 3       18 Jun – 11 Jul
Max 4       2 – 25 Jul
Max 5       16 Jul – 8 Aug


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How does HQ select which encampment I attend?

– Slots are filled based on your availability dates, (End of your School’s  Spring term date and begining of your school’s Fall term date).


2. Do I have an option to choose which encampment I go to?

– Specific FT dates may only be requested/approved for extenuating circumstances. i.e. conflicting summer school and FT dates (if you plan on attending summer school, see TSgt Logan ASAP). When in doubt about what is accepted as “extenuating circumstances” ask.


3. I heard we are not getting paid for FT this year?

 Beginning in summer 2014, the duration of FT will be approximately 22 days. Cadets attending FT will not receive Training Pay. Authority for Training Pay is contained in 37 U.S. Code – Section 209: Members of precommissioning programs:

“Pay While Attending Training or Practice Cruise. – Each cadet or midshipman in the Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, while he is attending training or practice cruises under chapter 103 of title 10 if the training or cruise is of at least four weeks duration and must be completed before the cadet or midshipman is commissioned, and each applicant for membership in the Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, while he is attending field training or practice cruises to satisfy the requirements of section 2104(b)(6)(B) of title 10 for admission to advanced training, is entitled, while so attending, to pay at the rate prescribed for cadets and midshipmen at the United States Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies under section 203(c) of this title”

Scholarship cadets will receive per diem for their travel days (approximately $70 per cadet). Non-scholarship cadets will only receive reimbursement of mileage to and from the airport (no change from previous years).

Cadet Training Assistants (CTAs) will receive Training Pay if they are TDY at least 28 days. CTAs cannot receive stipend and Training Pay for the same calendar days (no change from previous years). POC cadets will receive their stipend while at FT. Once CTA duty ends, HQ will verify and close out the roster in WINGS which will send a notification to DFAS authorizing Training Pay. The stipend received during FT will then be recouped.





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