Form 53 Assignments and FY17 Goals

This is info pertains to the cadets who will graduate between 1 Jan 17 and 31 Dec 17.  The website for the Form 53 accounts is:


Accordingly, AFPC has provided the following information on classification and assignment time line:
Early Apr 16: Open Form 53 for AFSC preferences of cadets

23 Sep 16: Close Form 53 for AFSC classification

* Mid-Oct 16: Open Form 53 for location preferences of cadets

* Late-Oct 16: Close Form 53 for location preferences

* Late-Nov 16: Assignment selections forwarded to HQ AFROTC for release


NOTE: * denotes estimated timeline.  Changes may occur as dictated by AF/A1.  AFROTC will provide actual dates once notified by

Attached is a list of accession AFSCs with associated goals so you can be better informed as you fill out the Form 53.  FY17_Goals

Column 1 – AFSC

Column 2 – Mandatory degree requirements (those that say “None” have no specific major required, so Non-Tech qualify (as well as Tech). Rated also have no specific major required.

Column 3 – AFSC description

Column 4 – AFROTC accession goal (approximate, as actual classification is a USAFA-AFROTC joint effort at AFPC)

Column 5 – blank

Column 6 – % Tech. For those numbers in Column 4 that are orange, 100%. For others, a set percentage of accessions are set as Tech accessions

Column 7 – Actual Tech requirement for each AFSC (in light blue background)


At the bottom, the goals are aggregated by

Non-Rated Line






What this does NOT tell you, though, is the number of volunteers for each and therefore “the chances of getting that AFSC.”


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