Hot Hot Combat Rescue Officer Shadow and Orientation Week (CROSHOW) 2014 (Suspense 5 April 2014)

Air Combat Command is seeking cadets to attend the 2014 CROSHOW event, hosted by the 347th Rescue Group at Moody AFB GA. The dates are: 16-20 June 2014 and 14-18 July 2014. Selected cadets will attend either Max 1 or 3 Field Training and be transported from Camp Shelby to CROSHOW.


Combat Rescue Officer Shadow & Orientation Week (CROSHOW) Summer

To prepare potential AFROTC candidates for this tough career choice, Air Force Air Combat Command will sponsor two 5-day events to be hosted by the 347 Rescue Group at Moody AFB, GA. Selected candidates will attend one of the events to coincide with the completion of the following Field Training Classes 1 and 3; the two periods offered are: 16-20 June 2014 and 14-18 July 2014. Though the CROSHOW has no bearing on the CRO application process or selection boards, it does help identify likely future applicants, enforce their resolve, and increase their preparedness should they begin the selection process. The CROSHOW will include mission briefs, interviews with CRO career field leaders, physical training, equipment demonstrations, and field training events.


1. Eligibility: This is a competitive process, and not every cadet that applies will be invited to attend the CROSHOW. To be eligible, cadets must:

Be male.

  • Have completed AFROTC Field Training prior to attendance.
  • Be in good standing with AFROTC and college academic programs.
  • Successfully complete USAF Combat Rescue Officer Fitness Test IAW CRO Assessment Program guidelines (


― The Fitness Test may be administered by:

  • AFROTC Detachment leader or a qualified AFRS recruiter who is familiar with CRO Fitness Test procedures.
  • Operators: Combat Rescue Officer (CRO), Special Tactics Officer (STO), Pararescue (PJ), and Combat Controllers (CCT), and Special Operation Weather Team (SOWT)
  • Refer to the CRO Assessment Program for specific administration procedures.


  • Be at least 18 months from projected commissioning date at the time of orientation course attendance.
  • Be able to fully participate in physically challenging events.
  • Have no known disqualifying medical conditions.


― CRO candidates are required to obtain an Initial Flying Class III Special Warfare Initial Clearance (SWIC) prior to attending formal training.

― Cadets are not required to complete this physical to attend the orientation course. However, cadets with known medical conditions that would prevent them from gaining flying status at a later date should not apply.



2. Each det may nominate qualified cadets who meet the highest standards expected by the AFROTC. Only the best and brightest cadets should apply. Interested cadets must submit their application to TSgt Logan NLT 5 April 2014. The application must include:

  • A completed application cover sheet (clearly printed or typed) sample attached
  • One page memorandum written by the nominee explaining why he should be invited to attend the Combat Rescue Officer Shadow and Orientation Week.


Cadets selected to attend the CROSHOW will be notified through their chain of command. This notification will include procedures for creating orders, a packing list, and specific reporting instructions.


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