Aerospace Studies Class

Topics You Will Learn

AS 100 – Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force (1 credit hour)
AS 200 – Team and Leadership Fundamentals (1 credit hour)
AS 300 – Leading People and Effective Communication (3 credit hours)
AS 400 -National Security Affairs and Preparation for Active Duty (3 credit hours)
Leadership Laboratory

Fall 2022 Class Schedule

Fall 2022 ROTC class days and times are based off of the SDSU academic schedule, and are as follows:

AS100 Class: Tuesdays 0800-0850 or Wednesdays 0800-0850

AS200 Class: Wednesdays 0900-0950 or Thursdays 0800-0850

AS300 Class: Wednesdays 1530-1830

AS400 Class: Wednesdays 1530-1830

AS100/200/300/400 Leadership Laboratory: Fridays 0800-1050