Leadership Laboratory


Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) classes are mandatory for all Air Force ROTC cadets. LLAB is conducted on Fridays from 0800-1050. LLABs usually consist of a briefing of the Cadet Wing, training of underclassmen, and physical training.

The table below gives a general* time frame for progression as cadets in the ROTC program.

*Cadets who did not receive an FTP slot after their AS200 year may attempt to receive one during the following year as an AS500. AS500s repeat their FTP training during that additional year and must commit to an additional year in the program.

*Joining in the Spring: Cadets may join the detachment during their second semester of their freshman year as “AS150s”. They will take the same classes as cadets who joined in the Fall. However, they will have to be concurrently enrolled in AS100 and AS200 in the following Fall semester.

*Joining Sophomore Year: Cadets who join during their Sophomore Year are known as “AS250s”. They are follow the same course load as AS200s while being concurrently enrolled in AS100. These cadets are also capable of going to field training the following Summer.