Summer Programs

Jet in hangarMost summer programs are voluntary and selection is based on your order of merit within your detachment and across the nation. ItÂ’s important for new cadets to remember that their performance in Air Force ROTC activities, academic success and physical fitness will determine their selection for Air Force ROTC summer programs.

All cadets pursuing a commission in the USAF must complete field training typically after their second or third year in the program. Field training is an intensive four- to six- week course intended to teach cadets about leadership, followership and entry into the Professional Officer Course (POC) in a mentally and physically intensive training environment. Assignment to field training is not automatic. During their FTP (second) year, cadets receive focused training designed to prepare them to compete for a field training assignment. The Det 075 Field Training Preparation (FTP) program is historically very successful with an average 98% selection rate for Field Training.

The other summer programs are voluntary and attendance is based on selection. Professional Development Training (PDT) may last from five days to six weeks depending on the particular program and is conducted at US or overseas military installations. These programs are typically advertised late in the fall semester and/or early in the spring semester. During the programs, cadets are paid training pay by the Air Force, and travel is all pre-arranged for them. The following is a list of some of these great summer opportunities:

  • Cultural Immersion Program
  • Soaring (Glider school)
  • Air Force Academy Free Fall (Jump school)
  • Combatives Course
  • Field Engineering Readiness Lab
  • Language Immersion Program
  • Space Orientation
  • Nurse Orientation
  • Advanced Course on Engineering
  • Office of Special Investigation

For more questions about these summer programs, contact our Unit Admissions Officer (UAO) via the ‘Contact Us’ page.