Why Should I Join?

Air Force ROTC provides many exciting opportunities, among which are the chances to enrich your college experience and jump-start a rewarding career. If you are interested in pursuing a military career, AFROTC will give you leadership training, focused instruction, and the opportunity to enhance your personal goals.

Air Force ROTC Enhances Your College Experience

From your first day in AFROTC, you will reap many benefits. First, AFROTC offers life-changing experiences. You will be given the chance to grow individually and gain a sense of belonging with fellow cadets who share common interests, academic goals, and a motivation to serve. AFROTC will help you develop a healthy and fit lifestyle through morale-building and motivating physical training.

Want to travel for free over the holiday breaks? Contracted cadets can take advantage of free travel on space-available military flights. Not sure how you want to spend your summers? Fill them up with AFROTC summer programs like base visits, parachute jump school, flight training, professional development courses, and other professional development training programs.

Air Force ROTC Enhances Your Education

Not sure how you’re going to pay for college? AFROTC has partial and full-tuition scholarships available for qualified applicants, and all contracted cadets receive a tax-free monthly stipend. For more information and specific scholarship programs, visit the Scholarships tab or visit www.afrotc.com.

Complement your schedule with AFROTC classes and get credit for the classes you take. Learn organizational and time management skills to help you in other courses. AFROTC will help you develop teamwork and leadership skills. You’ll receive valuable training for your Air Force career and experience that’s highly marketable to civilian employers. Additionally, if you are a San Diego State University student, you will earn a Minor in Air Force Leadership Studies.

Not sure what you want to do with your education? Upon graduating and receiving your degree, you will also commission as a Second Lieutenant in the world’s greatest Air or Space Force, fulfilling important and satisfying jobs with a sense of purpose, without having to compete for jobs in the private sector. There are also great opportunities for you to continue your education through tuition assistance and scholarship programs for graduate study.

Air Force ROTC Enhances Your Career

Air Force officers receive a good starting salary with regular pay raises, tax-free housing and food allowances, 30 days of paid leave a year, and on-base shopping at typically reduced prices. The Air and Space Force offers comprehensive medical/dental care for active duty members and low-cost coverage for their dependents, as well as $400,000 term life insurance for around $28 per month.

There’s never a dull moment in your off-time, as each base is equipped with a wide variety of recreational facilities and programs available for free or at reduced rates. You may also take advantage of space-available travel to worldwide destinations via military aircraft.

While you work for the Air Force, you’ll get the satisfaction of a challenging career while serving your country. You’ll also gain valuable and marketable work experience as almost every job in the Air Force has an equivalent job in the civilian world.