Organizations and Excercise

This past Saturday, around forty cadets made the decision to try out an organization and take a  step in becoming a better cadet. These organizations seem difficult and pose daunting challenges  but are meant to produce cadets that are both physically and mentally strong. If you are interested,  show up this coming Saturday ready to impress. In Leadership Lab, the focus has been to promote a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise. While going to PT twice a week is a step in the  right direction, it is encouraged that you work out three to four times a week. However, all that  exercise will mean nothing if you don’t eat healthy as well. Be sure to check out the Beast Mode Diet  and work extra hard because spring break is coming up. If you haven’t already signed up, be sure to  choose an event for Quint Det. This will a great opportunity to interact with fellow cadets and show  off your skills. We are Best in the West for a reason, and Quint Det will the perfect place to impress  everyone out there. Lastly, remember the importance of grades. If you are struggling and need any  help, do not hesitate to ask. Stay motivated cadets and let’s make this semester the best!

– C/4C Mistry

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