Professional Officer Course Selection Process (PSP) 2014

Board is scheduled to convene for 11-15 Mar 2014. This board will select FY16 (Fiscal Year 2016: those graduating/commissioning between 1 Oct 15 and 30 Sep 16) enrollment allocations (EAs), and FY17 (1 Oct 16 – 30 Sep 17) advanced enrollment allocations (AEAs) in the following categories:

  • FY16 technical EAs and FY17 technical AEAs
  • FY16 foreign language EAs and FY17 foreign language AEAs
  • FY16 nurse EAs and FY17 nurse AEAs
  • FY16 non-technical EAs and FY17 non-technical AEAs
  • Possibly FY16 rated EAs and FY17 rated AEAs (see next paragraph for details)

Depending on the total FY16 accessions and the number thereof who are required for rated accessions, AFROTC may also be allocating for Rated EAs (pilot, CSO, RPA, ABM).  If necessary, AFROTC may be asking for rated volunteers for FY16/17, prior to allocating EAs this board.

What does this mean?

  • Rated volunteers will need to commit to a “rated” categorization earlier than expected
  • This does not mean that you automatically have a pilot slot, it means you’re a rated volunteer and will received a rated EA.  You will still need to compete for rated categorization.
  • If you volunteer for rated PSP and are selected, you are committing to meet the actual rated board the year prior to commissioning
  • However, you must be medically qualified for a rated slot in order to compete (potential pilot/CSO/RPA/ABM qualified)
  • Withdrawal of volunteer status prior to or during the rated board for your FY of graduation will result in investigation for disenrollment if no non-rated, non-tech EAs are available (This is similar to competing for a Tech EA and then requesting to change to a Non-Tech EA, and to nurses not selected to advance into the certified nursing program.)
  • Once you’ve been selected for a rated EA, you cannot volunteer for any other AFSC.

What can I work on to be as competitive as possible prior to the PSP board?

  • GPA
  • PFA
  • Ensure you have a completed/certified DoDMERB Physical on file
  • Ensure your highest SAT, SAT-E (AFOQT, ACT) is on file

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