Professional Officer Course (POC) Selection Process (PSP) for 2015

1. The POC Selection Process (PSP) boards are scheduled for 9 – 13 Mar 15. The selection processes for the PSP boards are outlined in AFROTCI 36-2011, Chapter 8. The PSP boards will select FY17 enrollment allocations (EAs) and FY18 advanced enrollment allocations (AEAs) in the following categories:

a. FY17 technical EAs and FY18 technical AEAs

b. FY17 non-technical EAs and FY18 non-technical AEAs

c. FY17 nurse EAs and FY18 nurse AEAs

d. FY17 foreign language EAs and FY18 foreign language AEAs

e. FY17 rated EAs and FY18 rated AEAs (see next paragraph for details)

NOTE: All AS200/250/500 cadets pursuing an Air Force commission compete in this PSP. 

2. Based on the total FY17 accessions and the number thereof who are required for rated accessions, a board for rated volunteers will be held before running the non-technical board.

a. Preparation for the rated volunteer board:

(1) Notify cadre of your intent to volunteer for rated duty. You do not have to specify which rated career fields for which you are interested, as you will be “All in” for rated duty the year prior to commissioning (Ensure cadre/instructor is aware of your intent).

(2) Complete the “rated” intent letter.

(3) Ensure that cadets volunteering for rated duty are AFOQT qualified for one or more rated positions. Cadets do not have to have taken the TBAS. If not AFOQT qualified for rated duty, cadets cannot compete on the rated volunteer board.

Minimum AFOQT Scores (non-waiverable for rated duty)

Pilot Volunteer must have an AFOQT Pilot score of at least 25

RPA  Volunteer must have an AFOQT Pilot score of at least 25

CSO Volunteer must have an AFOQT CSO score of at least 25

ABM Volunteer must have an AFOQT ABM score of at least 25

Note: Cadets who have taken the AFOQT once but failed to pass the Verbal portion (15 minimum) or the Quantitative portion (10 minimum) may be nominated for PSP, but will not attend Field Training or contract into the POC until they have achieved the minimum scores for commissioning.

b. If you volunteer for rated PSP and selected, you are committing to meet the actual rated board the year prior to commissioning. Withdrawal of volunteer status prior to or during the rated board for their FY of graduation will result in investigation for disenrollment if no non-rated, non-tech EAs are available. This is analogous to competing for a Tech EA and then requesting to change to a Non-Tech EA and to nurses not selected to advance into the certified nursing program.

3. The PSP board will select applicants for Fall 2015 POC entry by awarding an FY17 EA or an FY18 AEA. The PSP selection will use the cadets’ numerical order of merit (OM). All cadets (contract and non-contract) must have a CGPA of 2.5 or higher in order to compete.

4. Pre-health and dental allocations will be awarded in the AS300 or AS400 year (one year prior to the DOC). For PSP, your future pre-health and dental candidates will compete for a technical or non-technical enrollment allocation commensurate with their major and DOC/DOG.


Make sure academic majors and dates of commission are correct. EAs will be awarded based on the data you provided on your most current fm 48. Subsequent requests to change majors and/or FY EAs may result in loss of EA and subsequent disenrollment.

FY17 cadets volunteering for a nurse enrollment allocations must complete the non-line intent letter.

(a) All cadets majoring in Nursing will be nominated for the nursing EA. Therefore, cadets majoring in nursing who have not been accepted into a nursing program should be nominated for the “Nurse” EA along with those who have been accepted into a certified nursing program.

(b) Cadets in Nursing major not selected for a Nurse EA will be competed for Line EAs (Rated and Non-Tech EAs.) If you do not want to compete for Nursing EAs, notify your instructor/cadre so you do not meet those boards.

b. If you have not already completed your DODMERB physical examinations, you should do so immediately. PSP candidates must have a qualified physical examination to meet the board.


Questions and/or concerns should be directed towards the NCOs/Cadre

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