Can a contract cadet go through a disenrollment investigation (DI) and then re-enroll as a non-contract cadet to recompete for PSP next year?

Yes, if granted a waiver to reenter the program, or if allowed to remain in ROTC following the DI (w/o scholarship).

If a cadet was unable to take the AFOQT before the 31 Dec 2014 deadline, as outlined in AFROTCI 36-2011, para 4.10, which states “All cadets must take the AFOQT NLT 31 December of their AS200 year.” Will RR grant a waiver so I can nominate this cadet for PSP?

With how competitive the board will be this year, we cannot afford to grant EAs to cadets who did not meet the testing deadline when there are many others who did meet the deadline. Cadets must have an AFOQT score before they can be nominated for PSP.


What about cadets who have taken the AFOQT but did not meet the minimum scores?

Cadets who did not meet the minimum scores for AFOQT may compete for PSP, however, if selected, may not attend Field Training without a minimum passing score (Quantitative=10, Verbal=15)

Is HQ allowing DODMERB waivers in order to compete in PSP?

For nomination, cadets must have a valid, certified physical exam. RR will not grant waivers for cadets who have not yet received a certified physical exam.


Do Foreign Language cadets have to declare tech or nontech?

No cadet declares Tech or Non-Tech. Tech or Non-Tech is determined solely on their academic major


What about cadets with nursing majors who are rated qualified and non selected for nursing EAs?

Cadets with nursing majors, who are not selected for one of the limited nursing EAs, will automatically compete for rated AND/OR Non-Tech EAs depending on their career interest.

If cadets who earn nursing EAs fail to get accepted into nursing school, they will have to request a Non-Tech EA in order to remain in AFROTC. Cadets in a nursing major who are not selected for a Nursing EA, but are subsequently accepted into a certified nursing program should request a Nursing EA to ensure their acceptance (after passing NCLEX) into the non-line Nurse Corps. Chances are high that a Nursing EA will be available as a result of another cadet with

So if a tech does not get picked up for a tech slot, can they be considered for a Rated EA?

No. The tech EAs allow for a significant number of cadets to be selected for rated slots. The Rated (intent) EAs are solely for foreign language and non-tech cadets to declare their intent to apply for a rated slot.

What can I do to ensure I compete for PSP fairly?

1. Ensure your Fm 48 is correct and up-to-date

2. All test scores (AFOQT/SAT/ACT) are submitted to the NCOs

3. Complete your DODMERB Physical

4. Ensure ALL your transcripts from ALL colleges you’ve attended have been submitted, in order to receive the most accurate CGPA (AFROTC CGPA may not be the same CGPA you have on file)


As always, and when in doubt, ask your Cadre.  We’re here for you!





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