Cadets do not need to be on scholarship to join ROTC, but scholarships are competitively available through the programs described below.

High School Scholarship Program (HSSP)

The High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) is open to high school seniors or high school graduates who have not attended college as a full-time student.  HSSP scholarships are announced annually through the Air Force ROTC website (  This website contains information regarding eligibility, application procedures, and the on-line application.  Students can only apply for the HSSP program via the website. For assistance with the high school senior scholarship application process, please contact our Gold Bar Recruiter at

In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP)

The In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) is open to individuals already enrolled as full-time students in the Air Force ROTC program.  ICSP is tailored to meet specific officer production needs and is not available to students who are not yet part of the program. The types of scholarships offered and to whom (i.e. freshman, sophomores, etc.) varies from semester to semester. Right now, the greatest need is Electrical Engineers.

Other Scholarships

Detachment 075 also offers several other scholarships to its cadets. This includes monetary scholarships from our affiliates like the Air Force Association and Daedalian Flight, as well as opportunities to go to ground school, learn to fly solo, study different languages and cultures at other universities and in other countries, get the experience of parachuting from aircraft or flying in gliders, gain leadership experience by assisting in basic cadet training, and travelling to bases across the Air and Space Force. …and the list goes on as more opportunities continue to be added! Click here for a longer list of more opportunities: Professional Development | More Than An Education | U.S. Air Force ROTC (