Summer 2015 Field Engineering Readiness Lab (FERL) Professional Development Training (PDT) Program – Suspense – 27 Mar 15


See below for an opportunity for CE training at USAFA for AS300s or higher in the applicable majors.


  1. The US Air Force Academy’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DFCE) is committed to graduating Air Force officers with the leadership skills, motivation, and technical competence to be future Air Force leaders. To achieve this end, DFCE implemented a systems approach to learning that bridges the gap between theory and practice; a concept that has evolved into the “construct first, design later” approach to engineering education. By exposing cadets to actual hands-on experiences in surveying, construction methods, and construction materials at the FERL, the “construct first, design later” approach provides students with a solid foundation for learning scientific theory and engineering design principles in more advanced courses of the civil and environmental engineering curriculum.


  1. USAFA is hosting the 2015 FERL program, and the CE Department invites the AFROTC cadets to participate. The program will consist of one session running from 31 May-20 Jun 15. Their target is cadets with Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, degrees or any other cadet with Majors/Interests to go towards the CE Career field. Note: HQ AFROTC will fund travel costs. Food costs, at USAFA, will be funded as well. USAFA provides billeting which will entail field conditions for part of the training. The cadet will be expected to pay for food on the travel days; no per diem is authorized.


  1. AFROTC has been allotted 12 slots to fill for this program. Each region will submit 3 cadets per region to the POC below


  1. For more detailed information regarding the FERL program please see


  1. Eligible cadets wishing to volunteer for this program must contact Capt Labouliere immediately.

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