U.S Military Fighting for Gold

The Olympics is a time where all Americans feel a greater sense of patriotism.  But for six members of the 230 person US Olympic team, this means a little more. For these six patriots not only serve our county by winning medals but sacrificing their lives on the field of battle. The six patriots are active-duty members of the United States Army. These six athletes come from the Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP).   According to an article in Voice of America “To be selected to the WCAP program, soldiers must be in good military standing and compete in a recognized Olympic sport. It is open to both officers and enlisted service men and women, including those on active duty as well as those serving in the Army Reserve or National Guard, provided they have completed basic Army entry requirements. If selected, reserve and National Guard members will be brought into active duty.”  The brave men who are going for gold are; Capt. Chris Fogt, Sgt. Nicholas Cunningham, Sgt. Justin Olsen, Sgt. Dallas Robinson, Sgt. Preston Griffall, and Sgt. Matt Mortensen.

– C/3C Nunez

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