Volunteers for the 13Lxx Non-Rated Air Liaison Officer (NR-ALO) Career Field – Fall 2014 selection announcement (Suspense 14 Nov 14)

Good Afternoon Det 075, below is another great opportunity for individuals interested in the Air Liaison Officer (NR-ALO) Career Field.

  1. The Air Force is seeking highly motivated candidates who are interested in becoming a 13L NR-ALO. Applications are now being accepted. Candidates who are selected this cycle will attend the Phase II ALO Aptitude Assessment (AAA) scheduled for 17-21 December 2014 at Moody AFB, GA. This announcement is for ROTC cadets graduating in calendar years 2015 and 2016, USAFA cadets graduating in calendar years 2015 and 2016, USAF cross flow officers, and Initial Skills Training Reclassification (IST) Candidates. Officer Training School (OTS) candidates refer to paragraph 3d below for more information.
  2. Suspense for applications: 14 November 2014. Email applications to Mr. Gary Jones ACC/A3FC: gary.jones.30@us.af.mil.
  3. Eligible categories:

ROTC and USAFA cadets in their junior or senior year. In order to allow cadets sufficient time to obtain an alternate AFSC we will allow cadets to apply in their junior year. All ROTC and USAFA candidates who have been selected for an AFSC must be released to compete for 13L ALO by AFPC/DPSIP. You won’t lose your current AFSC unless/until you successfully complete AAA.

  1. Eligibility requirements:
  2. Must be a volunteer for hazardous duty.
  3. Must be able to attend Phase II AAA, as scheduled. Candidates selected during the Phase I board who subsequently prove unable to attend this Phase II may be rescheduled if slots are available in a later Phase II.
  4. Must meet medical standards for Ground Based Controller (GBC) (or Flight Class III medical) duty IAW AFI 48-123 FOR 13LX AIR LIAISON DUTY (CURRENT AF FORM 422 OR AF FORM 1042).
  5. Must be eligible for a Top Secret security clearance.
  6. The 13L selection process has two phases:
  7. Phase I- records review. Candidates for 13L NR-ALO apply via the ALO candidate application package. Application packages will be reviewed and applicants who are selected will continue on to Phase II. Application forms are located on the following AF Portal site under “13L Information, 13L Application Documents:” https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/site/ACC/A3/A3F/A3FC. Applicants having trouble viewing the link on the Air Force Portal can email the ACC/A3FC workflow address acca3fc.jid@us.af.mil and have the application documents emailed. All applicants must use the up-to-date version of the forms and templates available at that site or the applications will be returned.
  8. Phase II- ALO Aptitude Assessment (AAA). Approximately 30-40 candidates will undergo five days of activity that will test their physical and leadership abilities. Candidates will be evaluated to determine suitability for NR-ALO duty. The AAA is a challenging program with multiple scenarios and exercises introducing stress into leadership evaluations. To best prepare for the physical and mental rigors of AAA and the 13L AFSC, prospective candidates should be in top physical condition prior to attending. NR-ALO is a volunteer career field; as such, applicants may remove themselves from consideration at any time.
  9. To prepare for AAA, candidates should begin a preparatory program of ruck-march training upon submitting an application. This will aid in injury prevention during the AAA Phase II road march exercise. Many ruck-march training resources can be found online. The squadron commander’s endorsement section in the ALO candidate data summary should include a statement that the candidate has begun road (ruck) march training. Additionally, candidates are advised to include strength training in the fitness regimen. Recommended conditioning program documents are provided on the A3FC portal page under “13L Information, Recommended Reading for Those Interested in 13L AFSC:” https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/site/ACC/A3/A3F/A3FC.
  10. It is highly encouraged that prospective candidates contact a 13L mentor or the career field manager to learn more about the application process, the AAA and ALO duties. Mentor names and contact information are provided on the A3FC portal page under “13L Information, Career Field Information:” https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/site/ACC/A3/A3F/A3FC. There are mentors available who have gone through each of the 13L accession methods, so they will be able to assist the application through many likely scenarios.
  11. ALO Phase I Application Packages must contain the following:
  12. ALO Candidate Data Summary (version 9):

1) USAFA cadets must obtain air officer commanding (AOC) and group AOC (no higher) endorsement in block 15 and 16 of the ALO candidate summary sheet.

2) AFROTC cadets must obtain commandant of cadets (COC) and detachment commander’s endorsement in block 15 and 16 of the ALO candidate summary sheet.

3) Officers should obtain squadron and group commander (or equivalent) endorsement in block 15 and 16 of the ALO candidate summary sheet.

  1. Hazardous duty volunteer statement.
  2. Memorandum of release from AFSC (n/a for OTS). This is a prerequisite to compete for 13L. For crossflow candidates, the functional manager at AFPC must release the applicant from their current AFSC to compete for 13L. All USAFA/ROTC cadets who have been classified must obtain a conditional release from AFPC/DPSIP to apply for NR-ALO. Contact Mr. Donald Taylor at AFPC/DPSIP.
  3. Current physical: ROTC and USAFA cadets who do not have access to a local flight surgeon are exempt from obtaining the ground based controller (GBC) physical for Phase I and will instead submit a DoDMERB. All other applicants must submit an AF Form 1042 or 422 stating that the applicant meets the physical requirements for ground based aircraft controller duties. Waivers should be clearly stated on the AF Form 422/1042/2808 or on an accompanying memorandum. If waiver decisions are pending AETC/SGPS coordination, this should be stated on a memorandum included with the application. OTS applicants must include AF Form 422 with the mandatory statement below:

“Based on full record review, member is medically qualified for continued enlistment, commissioning and cleared for worldwide duty in AFSC 13L1, Non-Rated Air Liaison Officer. The member does not have an assignment limitation code and is not in the process of meeting a medical evaluation board (MEB). Member has/has not had PRK or Lasik surgery. Surgery date was on _____________,” (if applicable).

  1. In Garrison Training/Field training reports are acceptable for USAFA/ROTC Candidates or if the candidate has not received OPRs.
  2. Scan and email completed NR-ALO candidate application packages to Mr. Gary Joneslow at: gary.jones.30@us.af.mil.
  3. Applicants will be notified of their Phase I selection status and scheduled for Phase II AAA promptly following the Phase I board results.
  4. Upon successful completion of Phase II, selectees will be scheduled for the NR-ALO training pipeline. New accessions to the Air Force (ROTC/USAFA, ANG recalls, Inter-Service-Transfers) will initially PCS to their duty location, then attend training in a TDY status. Cross flow officers will attend TDY from their current duty location, then PCS to the first NR-ALO duty station. NR-ALO training begins with the ALO Prep Course at Lackland AFB, TX, followed by the Air Liaison Officer Basic Course (ALOBC) at Hurlburt Field, FL; Joint Firepower Course (JFC) and Air Liaison Qualification Course (ALOQC) at Nellis AFB, NV; Joint Fires Observer (JFO) course at Ft. Sill, OK; and finally Air Force SV-80 Survival School at Fairchild AFB, WA.
  5. Based on training availability, there may be delays in entering training and breaks in training between pipeline courses. Officers are expected to maintain their physical fitness levels during any training delays.
  6. If interested, please discuss this opportunity with your commander. Candidates are also encouraged to contact a current 13L ALO for mentoring and to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of an ALO. 13L mentors are listed in a spreadsheet on the ACC Portal site. Applicants and commanders may also contact ACC/A3FC to obtain a mentor.
  7. Applicants are reminded to review AFI 33-332, Privacy Act Program: (1) Chapter 7, in particular paragraph 7.3, Sending Personal Information over Electronic Mail; (2) Using Privacy Act Labels, paragraph 10.2.2; and (3) Chapter 12, Disclosing Records to Third Parties. Also, review DoD 5400.7-R/AF Sup, DoD Freedom of Information Act Program, Chapter 4, FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and paragraph C4.2.1, Location of Markings. Please ensure you take appropriate action to protect any PRIVACY ACT or personal identifying information prior to forwarding your application.
  8. The point of contact for this program is ACC/A3FC, phone DSN 574-8384, commercial 757-764-8384 or e-mail acca3fc.jid@us.af.mil


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