The mission of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is to “develop premier leaders of character for the Air Force”. As a cadet in Air Force ROTC, you will be working towards commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force while developing the quintessential skills to become a competent Air Force leader.

This website will explain the programs and activities cadets in the Air Force ROTC program currently partake in to prepare for leadership roles within the cadet wing and their future careers as officers.

Cadets participate in Aerospace Studies Classes, Leadership Laboratory, and Physical Training. Additionally, the ROTC program gives back to the Corps, campus, and community through Professional Development Training, cadet organizations, and service projects. These activities are designed to offer cadets a glimpse of the active duty life before they enter. Cadets use these opportunities to decide which career path (Air Force Specialty Code or AFSC) they wish to pursue.

Regardless of the path cadets follow, the Air Force ROTC program will give them the tools to become quality officers in the military and leaders in their community.