Register for Classes

Fall 2023

As we begin the Fall 2023 semester, it is important that you complete the registration for Aerospace Studies (AS) classes. You are encouraged to enroll early. The campus deadline to enroll is Friday, Sept 1st.  

You will register based upon your year in the AFROTC program as follows:

  • AS 100A--Freshman and new transfers
    • Wednesdays 0800-0850 and Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS 200A--Sophomores
    • Wednesdays 0900-0950 and Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS 201A--Additional class for Freshman and Transfers with previous college credit who will double up on their ROTC classes.
    • Wednesdays 0900-0950
  • AS 233–Optional Credit open to Juniors/Seniors who have attended Summer Field Training
  • AS 300A--Juniors who have completed Field Training
    • Wednesdays 1530-1810 and Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS 400A--Seniors
    • Wednesdays 1530-1810 and Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS499--Continuing students. (AS500s, 700s, 800s)
    • Fridays 0700-0950

The Air Force ROTC unit serves a variety of local campuses. Please read carefully the instructions for your campus as you register.

Online Course Access:

SDSU Canvas Site will be used to access your online/virtual courses. Canvas is linked to your student SDSU email, SDSUid and course registration. All students should receive information after they register on setting up a SDSUid. Troubles connecting?  Please note, if you are NOT an SDSU Student with a RedID, you will not be able to access the SDSU Canvas Site.

Trouble connecting?
  • If you are a SDSU and CSUSM student, please contact SDSU Library Computer hub at [email protected].
  • If you are a SDSU Global Campus student contact SDSU Global Campus IT at [email protected] or (619)594-5893.

SDSU Campus ID:

SDSU uses a student identification number called a "SDSU REDId" as your primary source of identification for all SDSU transactions. In order to register for a course, obtain card access to the Cadet Lounge (Foxhole), and get entrance to campus events, you'll be required to use a REDId. SDSU students get their Ids during the registration process. Non-SDSU students are assigned their number in the Registration process and can acquire the card online.

SDSU ID E-mail:

After your first registration with SDSU, a SDSU ID Email will be created. If you intend not to use this email account, please be certain it is active and forwarding communications to you. Official SDSU communications regarding your classes and payments will be conducted via this official email.

Parking Permits and University Police:

State law requires that you obtain a parking permit to park on campus at all times (24 hours a day, seven days a week). Virtual daily, weekly, monthly or semester permits may be purchased online through the Aztec Parking Portal at Use your Red Id to create a student account. Do not create a guest account as it will limit your permit options. Please email [email protected] with any questions or issues.

No parking is permitted at any time in the following areas: Special Permit areas marked SP or painted white, handicapped zones, service areas, any area marked or painted red or green, any area not clearly designated as a parking space, or any area posted with a sign or designation restricting or defining specific use. Due to construction, availability of lots may vary. Parking information is available from Parking Services at (619) 594-6671 or by visiting


Please register via my.SDSUClass conflict? See if there is another section at a non-conflicting day/time. If there are no available sections, register for the academic class you require even if it conflicts with AS classes. Email [email protected] with your REDId number, description of the conflict, and screenshot of your class schedule. A request to have you double enroll will be processed and you will be required to make up missed ROTC curriculum.

Click here to download the CSUSM Intrasystem form. Complete the form including schedule number and submit to the CSUSM Registrar [email protected] for processing. CSUSM will approve and forward to SDSU so that you will be added to the main campus class rosters at no charge.

You will complete your registration through CSU Cross Enrollment. This enables you to enroll in (1) class for $52. The "Cross Enrollment" program allows California residents at UC and community colleges to enroll in one course per semester at SDSU without formal admission and without payment of additional State University fees. There is only a $52 administration fee, which will save you several hundred dollars in registration fees.  Please note: The Cross Enrollment program is only open to California Residents. This process consists of multiple steps and will take some time to complete so please start early. 

  1. Click here for a list of approved colleges and their contact information
  2. Go to
  3. Complete the student portion of the Application for Cross Enrollment online (step 3). You can only enroll in one class using the Cross Enrollment Program. You should use this form to enroll in your main AS class (100-400 level classes). If you have more than one class, (AS 201A for 250 cadets, this course will need to be enrolled for that section only via SDSU's Global Campus (see info below).                   

    •The form must be routed for signature to both your home campus and instructor. Use my information in place of the instructor's information: Paula Pierce, [email protected]

    •Home Campus Approval:  See Google Sheet for list of emails by campus. Please add your campus' registrar to your form.

  4. Don't miss this step! Many people think that once the form has been routed and signed they are finished, but they are not. Once the form is finalized, you will receive an email notification. You will then need to go back to the cross enrollment website, submit an application (step 4), upload the form and submit between Aug 15th - Sept. 1, 2023. Be sure to mark your calendar, because the last day to complete this step is Friday, Sept. 1st. If you miss the deadline, you must register for all classes through Global Campus.

  5. Several days after you have been enrolled in the course, the payment amount will be adjusted down to $52. Look for an email to your "SDSUId email address" with instructions to make payment. If you encounter any issues with scholarship billing, please reach out to SDSU, Accounting Tech, at 619-594-1537.

  6. View Important Information for ALL Cadets.

ROTC class days and times are based off of the SDSU academic schedule, and are as follows:

  • AS100s–Take AS100A (Schedule No 1484) Lecture: Wednesdays 0800-0850; Lab: Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS200s–Take AS200A (Schedule No 1525 Lecture: Wednesdays 0900-0950; Lab: Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS250s–Take AS100A (Schedule No 1484) Lecture: Wednesdays 0800-0850; Lab: Fridays 0700-0950 and AS 201AB (Schedule No 1529 Wednesdays 0900-0950
  • Field Training Credit–Take AS 233 (Schedule No 1530)–Register Junior or Senior year to receive credit for attending the Summer Field Training program.
  • AS300– Take AS300A (Schedule No 1531) Lecture: Wednesdays 1530-1830; Lab: Fridays 0800-1050
  • AS400– Take AS400A (Schedule No 1533) Lecture: Wednesdays 1530-1830; Lab: Fridays 0800-1050
  • AS500/700/800 Take AS 499 (Schedule No 1535 )Lab: Fridays 0700-0950

Registration is now open for Global Campus spring courses and students will register directly via the my.sdsu portal.  With the implementation of Peoplesoft, non degree seeking students will need to follow these steps.

  1. Click the Enroll button.
  2. Fill out and submit the form to indicate you’d like to register for courses.  This PDF provides step by step instructions on how to  complete the begin the registration process for Credit Courses form.
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation email from SDSU Global Campus within 2-3 business days with the next steps to complete your registration in my.SDSU. Follow the guide below to register for credit courses through my.SDSU.  How to Enroll in Credit Courses Through my.SDSU.
  4. View Important Information for ALL Cadets.

This same information is also available on the Global Campus website  
(How to Register for Non Degree Credit Bearing Programs)

Please us the following Global Campus class numbers:

  • AS 100A -  Heritage and Values of the USAF
  • AS 200A - Team/Leadership Fundamentals
  • AS 201A - Team/Leadership Fundamentals (For AS 250s–No lab)
  • AS 233 - Field Training Unit
  • AS 300A - Leading and Effective Communication
  • AS 400A - National Security Prep for Duty
  • AS 499 - Special Study

Scholarship Students: If you encounter any issues with billing, please reach out to SDSU Accounting Tech, at 619-594-1537.

Contact AFROTC

Being an Air Force or Space Force Officer is a unique and exciting career path. If you are interested in receiving additional information, please contact us below to find out more!

AFROTC Detachment 075
5500 Campanile Drive ENS 385
San Diego, CA 92182-7238