Courses and Schedules

To fulfill your weekly ROTC requirements, you must attend your Aerospace Studies class(es), Leadership Laboratory, and at least two Physical Fitness classes.

Leadership Laboratory

Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) classes are mandatory for all Air Force ROTC cadets. LLAB is conducted on Fridays from 0700-950. LLABs usually consist of a briefing of the Cadet Wing, training of underclassmen, and physical training.

The table below gives a general* time frame for progression as cadets in the ROTC program.

Progression Chart for Cadets

*Cadets who did not receive a Field Training slot after their AS200 year may attempt to receive one during the following year as an AS500. AS500s repeat their Field Training Preparation during that additional year and must commit to an additional year in the program. To prevent this, excel in the program and get involved!!

*Joining in the Spring: Cadets may join the detachment during their second semester of their freshman year as “AS150s”. They will take AS100B (same classes  as cadets  who joined in the Fall.) However, the following Fall, they will have to be concurrently enrolled in AS100A and AS201A

*Joining Sophomore Year: Cadets who join during their Sophomore Year are known as “AS250s”. They will enroll as follows: Fall–AS100A and AS201A/Spring–AS100B and AS201B.. These cadets are also capable of going to field training the following Summer. This is a large course load and fewer cadets are successful when attempting to complete the program in 3 versus 4 years.

Aerospace Studies Class

  • AS 100A/B – Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force (2 credit hours)
  • AS 200A/B – Team and Leadership Fundamentals (2 credit hours)
  • AS 201A/B –Team and Leadership Fundamentals (1 credit hour)
  • AS 233 – Field Training Credit (received for attending the Summer Field Training Program)  Register Fall or Spring terms Junior or Senior year.
  • AS 300A/B – Leading People and Effective Communication (4 credit hours)
  • AS 400A/B -National Security Affairs and Preparation for Active Duty (4 credit hours)

ROTC Physical Training

Physical training (PT) is conducted Monday through Friday, and cadets are required to attend at least two of the sessions. 

Before participating in any PT, cadets must fill out the following Sports Physical Form: Sports Physical. PT session activities vary from 3-mile runs, calisthenics, sports, swimming, and other fitness-related activities. These sessions are held at San Diego State University recreation facilities, Mission Bay, and La Jolla Shores beach. The Cadet Wing Medical Group Officer (MDG/CC) and their staff are responsible for planning and executing the workouts. 

Det 075 doesn’t mess around when it comes to working up a sweat. Our PT will prepare you for the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) all cadets must pass each semester and will also assist you in reaching your own physical fitness goals. Many of our workouts are built around competitive team building.

To properly prepare to pass the PFA, please review the Air Force PFA standards for your gender and age: PT-scoring-charts.pdf  ROTC cadets only perform 1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of situps, and the 1.5 mile run. Alternative options are not permitted.

ROTC Class Schedule

ROTC class days and times are based off of the SDSU academic schedule, and are as follows:

  • AS100s
    • Take Class: AS100A/B
    • Lecture: Wednesdays 0800-0850
    • Lab: Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS200s
    • Take Class: AS200A/B
    • Lecture: Wednesdays 0900-0950
    • Lab: Fridays 0700-0950
  • AS250s
    • Take Class: AS100A/B
    • Lecture: Wednesdays 0800-0850;
    • Lab: Fridays 0700-0950
    • AS 201A/B Wednesdays 0900-0950
  • Field Training Credit
    • Take Class: AS233
    • Register Junior or Senior year to receive credit for attending the Summer Field Training program.
  • AS300
    • Take Class: AS300A/B
    • Lecture: Wednesdays 1530-1830
    • Lab: Fridays 0700-950
  • AS400
    • Take Class: AS400A/B
    • Lecture: Wednesdays 1530-1830
    • Lab: Fridays 0700-950
  • AS500/700/800
    • Take Class: AS499 
    • Lab: Fridays 0700-0950

Contact AFROTC

Being an Air Force or Space Force Officer is a unique and exciting career path. If you are interested in receiving additional information, please contact us below to find out more!

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