New Student Orientation Program

Prior to the start of each semester, San Diego Air Force ROTC Detachment 075 holds a New Student Orientation (NSO) to assist new cadets with their initial entry into the Air Force ROTC program and to welcome them to the Det 075 family.

Wear athletic attire to NSO, and bring professional attire to change into after the fitness test. Professional attire should be a polo shirt, khaki pants, and closed-toe dress shoes. Please contact us if you do not have these clothing items.

Please sign up here to be contacted about the next opportunity to join our program.

STEP 1: Create Online Profile (WINGS) & Fill Out Necessary Information

STEP 2: Complete a Sports Physical and Fitness Screening Questionnaire and bring to NSO

  • Pre-Participatory Sports Physical and Fitness Screening Questionnaire 
  • Form 28 must be used–print it out and give it to the medical authority; must be completed prior to NSO/prior to participating in physical training activities unless a DODMERB has been completed. Ensure you know your Sickle Cell Trait Screening Test Status.
  • Fill out highlighted portions of the Fitness Screening Questionnaire 

STEP 3: Bring the following documents with you to NSO (NOTE: All documents are mandatory unless specified otherwise)

  • Original and copy of Birth Certificate (original will be returned)
  • Original and copy of signed Social Security Card (original will be returned)
  • Original and copy of official supporting documentation proving that you were in (transcript) or received awards (certificates) from Junior ROTC, Eagle Scouts, and/or Civil Air Patrol (IF APPLICABLE)
  • ACT or SAT score sheet (let us know if you did not take one of these tests)
  • Copy of your high school diploma or unofficial completed high school transcript
  • Certificate and Copy of naturalization card or certificate (IF APPLICABLE)
  • DD Form 214 (prior military members only) or DD Form 785 (prior Military Academy, ROTC or OTS applicants)
  • Copies of any college/university official or unofficial transcripts (IF APPLCABLE)


Contact AFROTC

Being an Air Force or Space Force Officer is a unique and exciting career path. If you are interested in receiving additional information, please contact us below to find out more!

AFROTC Detachment 075
5500 Campanile Drive ENS 385
San Diego, CA 92182-7238